Why sell in PanelOne



PanelOne.net offer to suppliers and manufacturers of LCD panels effective tool to find and be found by new customers worldwide .

PanelOne.net is a complete directory with useful and exhaustively detailed information on the characteristics and specifications of all existing models of LCD panels in the market. The directory is updated daily so that each of the new LCD panels that go on sale anywhere in the world are immediately added thereto. Currently, the network has a total of 27063 models of different panels. It is the largest directory of this kind available in Spanish and English. Its main objective information in addition to the end, provide a platform for sale in two languages ​​to hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers and provide the user interested in buying, extensive stock and variety of locations where prices and place orders.

PanelOne.net is optimized for search engines, and is immersed in a constant process of search engine optimization, so that all the chips of features and specifications of LCD panels are indexed by Google in good positions that result in thousands of visits from potential Customers looking for a specific LCD panel. Visits to our website increased month to month currently being 10,000 visits per month. Alexa ranking achieved in just three months speaks for itself.


Through our system of targeted advertising you as a manufacturer, supplier or vendor can advertise in different formats in the pages of information and characteristics of those panels that sells or manufactures, so you get a very segmented and potentially interested in your product audience. Furthermore tabs supplier and provider pages let you add stock to manufacturers, suppliers and vendors complete their stocks of panels, imported via csv pudiéndolos with a few clicks.


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